Monday, September 3, 2007

My family..

Is time to talk about me and my family....

I got a wonderful partner name Eric , we been together for 4 years he has a daughter Melissa 20 and 8 month granddaughter Ariana that will be seen in a lot of my Layouts. I got 2 boys Anthony 14 and Christopher 9, they both December kids just 4 days apart on there Birthday, I love them so much they are my life.
We are a family... we love to spend time at home, enjoying the things we like to do, the kids love to play X-box with Eric or a movie.... we love movies, going to the movies is also something we enjoy, going out to eat, or visiting Eric sister, going there is fun for all of us, I get to scrap, Eric play X-Box or smoke a cigar with his brother in law, the kids play game or go swimming at the pool with there cousins.
Eric and I are cigar lovers, we enjoy a good cigar with a good wine or a frapuccino at our favorite place Starbucks.
I know my kids love there stepdad, and that makes me very happy, we know that life is not perfect and we have our ups and downs in life but as long as we are holding together we will be alright.
Here are some of my favorite family pictures. I love to see my three boys together playing around.


Rosie said...

Ive, I love you guys. Love the pictures. Eric es un bebe grande, LOL

Leelee said...

Hey, Ive. Love your blogspot. I just opened mine but have not written anything yet.