Tuesday, October 23, 2007

My Birthday ,,,, My Big 40's

Yesterday Oct 22, was my 4oth birthday, We started celebrating since last Friday, when I said we I mean me and Eric, we when dancing at Club Vegas with some friends. On Saturday I got up really early to go to the salon, had my hair cut, color and highlight a good change, later that afternoon Eric took me out for a surprise, he took me to Downtown Orlando City Walk, there we when to Cirque Du Soleil La Nouva beautiful show from there we when to Bongos Restaurant to have dinner, a special treat for me was a candy coconut apple I got from Candy Cauldron the best ever and a chocolate strawberry. Then we sat down in front of Sosa Cigar shop to smoke a good cigar. I have to confess my feet where hurting from the shoes, but it was a wonderful evening. THANKS BABY, I LOVE YOU. Sunday was Puertorrican Parade in Palm Bay my town, here in Orlando we spend some time with some of our friends and eat good latin food and smoke another good cigar while enjoying the music. Remember that candy apple I got saturday well it was time to eat it, it was delicious.
Waaaooo finally my Birthday was here... when to work, over at the office they crown me princess of the day and got a huge Birthday balloon, lunch with the girls and it was great. Many greetings from co-workers and patients. In the evening we when, all the family, including my mom to have dinner at Apple B we had a great time, after that, Eric the kids and I when for ice cream at Friendlys, Mmm good and they sang happy birthday to me.... And I pretend my spoon in my ice cream was my birthday candle and I blew and make my wish and we laugh.
When I got home, I check my phone, and has messages from friends and got to talk to some of them. It really been my best birthday ever....
Thanks God I reach 40, with people that I love and care for....


Aroa said...

Felicidades guapisima!! me encanta ver lo bien que lo pasastes.

mauri said...

Con mucho retraso Felicidades por tu cumple!
Que suerte que lo hayas disfrutado

Liz Gil said...

Lindas fotos y recuerdos de tu cumple, sin duda alguna una fecha que me hubiera gustado compartir contigo!!!

DORCAS said...

How did I miss this! I Love all the pictures!
AWESOME!! You so pretty!