Sunday, December 28, 2008

Canvas for my son's girlfriend...

This was fun to make... is a gift for my son's girlfriend Cristina.  My sons friends came over on Christmas day and I took this picture of them just before they where leaving. Here in this picture from left to right Cody, Andy, Cristina and Anthony my son. 

The last canvas done for co-worker

This is the last canvas done for a co-worker. I just gave it to her last week, she love it!! Is her husband Terry with there dog Coco...

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Love to make ....

I'm really enjoy making this canvas for my co-workers, here is the one I made tonight, I hope  the lady Im making it for, will like it... 
I'm using a lot of my scrapping stuff.. not having to buy nothing to make all this.


Here are two more of my canvas work done for my co-workers as Christmas presents.... 

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Sorry I forgot how they call this.. but my office manager ask me for a idea of how to make this cards to label the sitting at the rehearsal dinner for her son's wedding. I made this one and gave her my idea and sample she like it, but she was the one to make them, I let her borrow my stuff, cutter, stamps and inks. Ahh also we stamp Thank You inside. 


This past week, I made two canvas frames.. First one for a friend at work, I stole, yes you read right, I stole a pictures that my coworker had in her desk of her new grandchild Evelyn, and you could see in my page here what I did with the picture, she loved what I gave her back...jejeje  the other one my boys auntie came to visit them for there birthday, yes again there birthday all three of them even her, so I made this canvas of her mother ( my ex mother in-law) with all her kids and gave it to my ex sister in-law as a present for her birthday and she really like it. Hope you like my work.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Thursday, October 9, 2008


Finally I got myself to work on something... I found a Tag Accordion kit from Gallery J. I made it all my creation with a page kit from Autumn Leaves, some Making Memories rub-ons, buttons, ribbons from another collection. I used 6 of my favorite pictures of me and Eric. I love how it came out... hope you enjoy my work.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


I made this word book with my Pazzle cutting machine. This album is about my 4oth Birthday, using the work BIRTHDAY, I turn 40 last year...yeah it been almost a year, finally I decided to make my album, I did a lot that week and weekend. There is pictures here in my blog from those days.. here is how it came out. 


I made a quick card for my stepdaughter 21st birthday, here is pictures of the card and a picture of her smoking her first cigar. That was her dad idea. Did she like it??? I will say I don't think I will see her soon with a cigar on hand.


I been very lazy... have hundred of pictures from my two vacations.. and more.. Well I just got some courage and got up and started one of the pages.. and end it up with a double layout from one of the days in Vegas, where we started the day eating a very huge breakfast costing us $43. plus tip, at a very nice dinner call Peppermill  and by the end of the day we eat hot dogs and soda for a total of $11. for both of us on the strip of Las Vegas. Both breakfast and dinner where great. Here is the picture.

Monday, July 21, 2008


Mi friend Rosie his having a July Challenge at our scrapbook group, In this Challenge she have us pick a empty carton of eggs (12) decorated, that was something we had to do, then she will send us emails, what to put in each eggs space, embellishments of all kind, also we had to have envelopes where we had to put photos and paper. After we had completed the egg carton and the collections of pictures she requested... Here starts the challenge of using all the material. She will email saying use egg# with Envelope# and give us a sketch to work with this material... is kind of fun.
The challenge had started. This are the two layout we had work and also a pictures of my egg carton.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


At work they ask me if I will make a Get Well Card for a ex  co-worker. She is very sick and they wanted to send a card from all of us... and I made it before a left for vacation. I used the Pazzles machine to make the base, used different stamps and some flowers.  I also made this layout for a memorial of a friend of a co-worker, they had the idea of making a album of 12x12 pages for her services because this lady was the one doing all the craft stuff at her church. My co-worker doesn't know anything about scrap, I ask her to just send me a note the she will write and I will do the rest, also just one day before I left the office for my vacation time. Here are the pictures to this two projects.

Monday, June 9, 2008


This weekend I was able to do few thing in my scrapping room, I did a 12x12 layout for my friend Zelena of her daughter Isabella doing faces, I title CARAS DE LA CHICHI, that's the nickname her dad likes to called her. Also my niece Gabriella birthday was this weekend and I wanted to give her something made by me, I altered a cigar box, using printed paper and solid, many flowers, buttons and brats and make her name with my Pazzles Inspiration. And also made her Birthday card. Here are some of the pictures.