Wednesday, August 26, 2009


The other day my friend Zelena came over with her family husband, daughter and stepdaughter. When her 3 yr is around we cant work in my room because she will want to play with my stuff which I don't mind, but my scissors are sharp, she want to get more and more paper.. you know kids a that age.
Well since we couldn't stay in my room we when back inside my house.. while we were chatting there it click to me .. let do something with paper anyway, her stepdaughter which is a pre-teen and also love to learn craft, was bored.
I when back to my room pick up 3 mini clipboards, my tray of scraps of papers, scissors and Mod Podge. Well, I said let play with paper... we did give her little 3 yr old a bunch of paper and markers to get busy.
Here is what we came each of us with...

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