Thursday, October 8, 2009


Hi... I know it have been a couple of weeks, I haven't blog.. I that doesn't mean scrapbook is not in my mind.
Like I mention in my title... I got a new toy... Provo Craft just launch last week the new Gypsy a portable design studio for the cricut machine, is great, friendly user. I got mine at midnight when they launch the sale on HSN. You want to know more just google it... and you will see what is all about.
I love it.. I haven't been using my cricut just because it was a pain to put the paper in the mat for this piece and take it out put another color... well... that's because I have the original cricut that is the small one.. Cricut expression gives more options... but anyways I wasn't using the machine.. but I have 20 cartridges for the cricut... now with the Gypsy you could download them all in the machine and use them combine in any project without having to be switching cartridge.
Here are some pictures of the new toy and what I been playing with... I have this cartridge Paper Doll Dress up... and yes you have to dress up the doll... here I show how I arrange the paper in the mat to be able to cut all the pieces for one single doll. Love it... Because the mat is on your Gypsy screen you are able to count the squares and be sure where you putting your paper... is awesome.