Thursday, July 29, 2010

Companion Challenge #2 Crafting with Cristina- Altered cigar box

Hello again...what a pleasure to play again with Cristina in her 2nd Companion Challenge that this week is to Recycle something we possible will throw out... well first let me tell you my husband is a Cigar Lover and this box that I decided to recycle was about to hit the trash..

I made this box late last night, took the picture and then ask my self what I'm going to do with the box, well I work with 15 other ladies in my office between medical assistant, medical secretary and physicians which all have kids or grandkids.. so I took the box to work this morning and decided to do a raffle, there was so much excitement over my idea... they wanted to pay for the raffle.. no way .... this was my giveaway for Happy Thursday, at lunch time I draw the winner and one of the medical assistant won.. and we all have fun..
So here are the pictures

Original box


Cristina said...

Oh my gosh. That box was going to be thrown away. I would've done the same thing

How nice you gave away the box in a raffle. I would've been excited to get the box too, it came out sooooo fantastic.

I love the colors :)

Great job in the challenge



BeeBeebabs said...

Very nice you did a nice job!!!

Honey B said...

OMG Girl...
This is awesome...It's amazing how a few colors and a few embellishments can make a's like make all look a lil better with it...LOL!!! Love love love the idea of recycling it...What Medical office did you say you worked at?

Keep Scrappin', Keep Sharin'