Wednesday, June 1, 2011

What's on your desk right now???

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Hello again my crafty friends...
Christina from Creations with Cristina, ask today.. what do you have in your desk??.. this  is so funny.. because in the SP forum this was the same question last night.. 
My answer was a huge mess... not only on my main table but in all three of them... LOL
Christina want us to post a picture.. 
here is my mess....

That's the way I work.. make a huge mess, leave it right there.. especially after taking my photos and having to go inside the house to my computer to download and post.. then return later or the next day to pick up.. this mess if from two days ago..


Kate said...

I don't care how messy it is I am still very jealous of your craft room. LOL

Huge Hugs

Christina said...

I love it, I love that wall color it pops with the white accents. Thanks for sharing Ivette. Hugs, Christina

Fi said...

I would love to have a craft room like yours and yes, I pretty much work the same way you do. Make a mess and clean it up a couple days or a week later when it's gotten WAY out of hand and I have no space to create!! Love the green in your room - looks fantastic and fresh with the white!
Cheers and happy crafting! TFS :o)

Linda said...

Hi there SP diva!
So glad to see a creative desk. This is wonderful. Your space is amazing. My desk is just as if not more messy. LOL
from an X SP diva

Kerry--Momma K said...

Great room. I would love to see more pictures.

girlia said...

My area is just as messy after completing a couple of projects.

Kerry--Momma K said...

I just checked out your other pictures of your craft shed. I love it. You are so oraganized. It's just beautiful.